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Helping working women discover their ideal career match so they can finally do work they love

Career Change Quiz

Wondering if it is time for a new career? Take this Career Change Quiz and find out if it really is time to change career! You will receive career change advice and a free worksheet to give you the motivation for your career change. #careerchange

Are you trying to convince yourself that maybe there just isn’t a career that would suit your personality?

Take my Career Change Quiz and find out YOUR Career Happiness Score.

You’ll also get tips to improve your score so you can THRIVE instead of barely survive at work.


Hi! I’m Andrea Bryant


I spent decades in the wrong careers and constantly searching for my dream career.

Now, I’ve finally found my ideal career match and it really is a match made in heaven!

I’m a fully qualified career consultant and certified life coach. 

Let’s get you finding your perfect career match so you can finally love Mondays!

Does this sound like you?

  • You hit the snooze button constantly and lie in bed dreaming up ways to call in sick or just QUIT already! Your work EXHAUSTS you.

  • You don‘t know what you are meant to be doing for a career, but you KNOW for sure it ISN’T what you are doing!

  • You live for Friday night so you can spend your weekend hibernating because you are all ‘peopled’ out.

  • You spend your working day pretending to be an extrovert because that’s what is considered acceptable.

  • You feel guilty for hating your job because you SHOULD be grateful you even have one. Sigh.

Imagine instead…

  • Waking up BEFORE your alarm goes off and humming in the shower because you know you are heading to work you LOVE!

  • Having energy left at the end of your working day because your work no longer drains you.

  • Chatting to a colleague at the water cooler who says ‘thank god it’s Friday! And you reply ‘Friday? Is it Friday already?’

  • Jumping into bed at night and giving a satisfied sigh because you KNOW you made a difference that day.

  • Being excited when you get asked ‘what do you do for a living?’ because you are proud of what you do.

Switchtopia: Career Change Coaching For People Who Are Ready To Make A Career Switch So They Can Finally THRIVE At Work!

Testimonial Love

After first session: “Thank you for a fantastic session yesterday. I got a lot out of it and am enjoying thinking about and answering the questions you gave me. You are definitely getting me thinking! I am going to book another session with you soon.”

During the second session: “After just that first session, I feel so much more on track and excited about career options. The exercises you gave me were so much fun! I really saw a theme coming through in all my answers. This has been so helpful. Nobody tells us to do this stuff but it’s so useful and important. I filled up pages and pages of my journal doing your exercises. I’ve already reached out to an organisation to do some part time work and they were very excited to have me approach them. I have now realised how important it is to me that I do meaning work that directly helps people. I’m excited to move onto the next step and explore all the career options we came up with.”

Abby - Introvert and INFPHamilton, New Zealand

“You have truly helped me, and have made me discover some things I need to pay more attention to about myself. I can honestly say your advice and knowledge helped me get a clearer picture and start from the point of who I am. This then enabled me to make the decisions I have made, and most importantly know why I’m making them!!

Thank you so so much!! I am very thankful for your career advice.”

(3 Coaching Sessions)

Madelaine - Introvert & INFPHamilton, New Zealand

“After our appointment, I couldn’t stop talking about all the ideas and possibilities before me. You are so awesome at your job!”

Jessica - IntrovertHamilton, New Zealand

“You have made me feel like a Charlie’s Angel! I feel empowered!”

RenaeHamilton, New Zealand

“Andrea’s strong coaching ability allowed me to turn my plans into reality. She enlightened me on my personal character and helped me focus on things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them. She encouraged me to trust the process by trusting myself. I am truly thankful for her knowledge and contributions.”

KateOntario, Canada