In this Career Change Quiz, you will find out your Career Happiness Score. Find out how happy you really are in your current job. Plus download the FREE Career Change Quiz Worksheet to dive deeper into your situation.

Career Change Quiz

Are you trying to convince yourself that your job isn’t that bad?

Hey – I hear you! I spent years listening to friends & family tell me ‘no job is perfect’.

Career Change Quiz Plus FREE Worksheet - Discover your Career Happiness score and learn action tips to increase it. Plus you will receive a 10 page worksheet to help you dive deep into your current situation.

Take this quiz and discover:

  • Where you really sit on the career misery vs career happiness scale

  • What’s missing in your current work and tips to improve your score!

You’ll also get my QUIZ WORKSHEET!

This worksheet will help you dive deep into YOUR current situation and help you discover what you really want in your DREAM JOB.

Career Change Quiz Plus Free Worksheet